So, what’s so great about Affiliate Marketing?

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In recent days, we all hear a lot about a term– AFFILIATE MARKETING. So, what are these buzzes all about. Let us try to put them in a simple understandable language here.

Firstly, the term AFFILIATE,

If you promote and sell someone else’s product or services on your platform such your own website or Facebook post or page or your YouTube channel… etc. and earn some part of the sale as commission, then you are called as the Affiliate or Associate or Affiliate Partner of that product or service.

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Then, what is Affiliate Marketing??

Well, according to WIKIPEDIA Page for Affiliate Marketing:Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.” It is an agreement between the product/service owner and you, the website owner. You are basically providing space on your website to advertise and eventually sell the product or service of the seller, in the return for some percentage of the sale. The main advantage is that you don’t need to stock any product, no need for packaging or logistics, and more importantly, no business overheads.

Affiliate marketing is purely based on your performance, which means that you will not get paid until you sell something. It is the fastest way to enter the world of Online business world.

It completely depends on how you advertise the said product or service to reach more and more potential customers, then drive them to your dedicated product sales page, get the sales done, and finally earn the commission.

Can I Start Affiliate Marketing without any experience?

The Beauty of Affiliate marketing is that it can be started by any newbie in the block. Even if you cannot get the approval of any product to be their Affiliate, you can start with the Amazon Associates in the beginning.

The key is in grabbing the attention of the customers to your website landing page and eventually collect their contact details.

But Can I make an awesome income with Affiliate Marketing?

Let us be honest about one thing. Every business is having just one prime motive – Making Profits, right? Even though, some people say that the purpose of their business is to help others, but ultimately at the end of the day, their products are not for free. They might give some initial freebies only to lead the customers to their ultimate product and sell it to them and earn profits.

Affiliate marketing is no different than any regular business. You create a platform, grab the attention of the customers with some freebies, which may be your blog post articles or some trial versions or even free guides. Once you get a considerable amount of traffic to your platform, then you will start promoting the product to them.

But, How is it all possible with Affiliate Marketing?

To understand, how does the Affiliate Marketing works, we need to understand the various models of affiliate marketing and the best Marketplaces to start with the affiliate marketing. Since, it is not possible to explain everything here and make this post lengthier, I will be soon bring you another article which talks more about the models of Affiliate Marketing and the big players in this arena.

Is Affiliate Marketing A Hobby or Business?

Affiliate marketing, if treated as a hobby, you can only enjoy doing it but not earn much.

Affiliate marketing, if treated as a business, you will surely enjoy it & also start making small amount of passive income and grow bigger.

Your business of Affiliate Marketing can only sustain for longer term, if you start treating it as your own Business.

Affiliate Marketing programs are easy to start and implement on your platforms. One best example would be Amazon Affiliate program – which is famously know as Amazon Associates.

Anyone with a will to earn passive income and a nice-looking platform can start affiliate marketing with Amazon. However, mostly other affiliate programs will not accept you into their affiliate programs until and unless you have some decent amount of traffic visiting your site.

On my personal experience, I would suggest that start a website, get into Amazon affiliate program, post some great contents in your website, grab a lot of traffic, then opt for more powerful and high commissioned affiliate programs to earn big.

Final Note…!

Affiliate marketing is not the easiest way to earn money but definitely is a good ethical way to start building a source of passive income and grow it quickly to your main source of income.

My honest efforts will be to put forth more such information in front of you to learn and digest. I will try to collect more and more data from various sources and put them all in one location at your disposal.

But, if you are keen to know some more methods or sources of Passive Income, then check out my Article below


So, keep looking for more such articles to come in future.

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