Step 9: Driving traffic to your content

Everything is set and your first blog post is live.

After that, it’s time to get out there and start driving traffic.

You should now have a good grasp of the fundamentals. You’ve nailed down the technical specifics and are ready to start putting together your first draught. Follow our simple article which covers the steps to be followed that help your blog to rank better in the google search, which should be your primary target.

  If you’re just starting out, how can your blog generate more traffic? The following are two tried and proven strategies:

  • You should familiarise yourself with the fundamentals of SEO and apply them to your website. However, knowing these principles can make it much simpler for your site to get noticed in search engines like Google, even if you’re not an expert.
  • Begin marketing your blog on social media such as by registering accounts on social media sites. Blogs may benefit greatly from social networks like Pinterest.

Time For Your Content To Social…!!!

Once you’ve got your blog up and running, make it social so that your followers can participate in.Just get started, and don’t worry, I’ll help you with the finest materials. You’ll need a

  • Facebook profile,
  • Instagram account, and
  • Twitter account

  to go social with your blog. Refer to some articles to know more about these social media platforms’ roles in driving traffic to your site.

  • Facebook Page for your Blog
  • Twitter Profile for your Blog
  • Form your own Community from your Blog

  As we are closing to the end of our journey of creating our own blog site, our final destination and our honest reason for starting a blog site in the first place is Monetization.

Let us learn some methods to make money out of your blog site in our next and final chapter.