Step 8: Planning and Writing your first blog post

Writing your first article is where the real fun begins.

Writing a blog post is quite similar to creating a page in WordPress. There are just a few modifications to be made.

Ideas for blog posts if you’re having trouble

Your mind will be bursting with blog post ideas when you first start blogging. Once you’ve exhausted your first burst of creativity, it becomes increasingly difficult to come up with new blog post ideas on a continuous basis. If you’re having trouble coming up with blog post ideas, have a look at this article.

Currently, there are thousands of blogs, so if you want to establish one that stands out, you’ll need a material that is unique. Here are a few suggestions on how to write content that people want to see:

  • Keep your posts audience-centric: create the piece to communicate to your target reader. Keep it simple and only write for your desired audience.
  • Add value to your posts: Do not create posts for the sake of quantity but add value to each of your blog posts with some useful information.
  • Keep your posts unique: Add your own flavor to your posts. In that way, you can make it unique. Remember, your unique posts will portray you to be Unique to your audience.
  • Always use simple language: No need for any fancy words or jargon, which will eventually drive your audience from your posts to some dictionary websites in search of the meaning of your words.
  • Your content should be full: Try to cover all the important information about your topic for the post in one go, even if the blog post goes more than 1000 words.
  • Do not use any images from your Google search but use some free sites to download them. Read our articles to know about such websites where you can download images for ABSOLUTELY free.
  • It’s a good idea to include some videos as well in your post for more engagement from your audience.

First Blog Posts are always important and refer to this guide which will help you finalize the topic of your very first post.

If you still are struggling with the topic for your posts, then check this article on various blog post ideas.

Ideas for blog posts if you’re having trouble

To create a new post:

  • Go to PostsAdd New in your WordPress dashboard
  • Enter the Blog Post Title in the top of the page.
  • Enter the content of your post using either Gutenberg or Elementor blocks.
  • If you need any specific inputs such as images or buttons or bullet points, click on (+) sign which will give you all the available options in the page builder you are using.
  • Choose the right category or create one on the right side.
  • Finally, click on PUBLISH when you are done.

Congratulations…!!! You have just written and published your FIRST POST.