Step 7: Adding some important pages to your site

Phew! Finally, we’ve reached our goal.

  The day has come when you can finally start producing material for your site. Creating some basic pages is a smart idea before you start writing your first blog post (which will be next!).

A “page” does not have a published date, unlike a “post.” It’s always there.

On your blog, you should have a few of these pages. Going to add them over the next several weeks…

  • HomePage
  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • Privacy Policy
  • Blogs Page

  There is actually no limitation, when it comes to adding pages to your blog site but extreme care is to be taken while deciding on how many of those pages will be shown on your site for your audience.

  You may end up creating 10-15 pages required for your site. Maybe only 5-6 of them will be public-facing, while the rest of them will do their work in the backend.

How Do You Create A New Page in WordPress?

To create a new page:

  • Go to PagesAdd Newin your WordPress dashboard
  • Enter the Title of your page in the Title box.
  • Enter the content using any of the page builders such as Gutenberg or Elementor by justing adding the readily available Blocks or you can even paste your content into the new page.
  • Finally when adding of content is done, Click on PUBLISH to make your page public.