Step 5: Designing your Blog site

When it comes to blogging, a decent design will guarantee that your visitors like the experience. Because of this, they’ll always remember your blog. Visualize yourself in great clothing with your blog design.

  “WordPress themes” are a feature in WordPress. This is a collection of ready-to-use blog templates for different sorts of blogs. You may choose from a wide range of free and paid WordPress themes. A premium theme is usually recommended since you will get all the support and a beginning guide, and you will also get a professional design for your site as a result of using one.

  These are some of our recommendations, to begin with:

1. Astra: Lightweight theme that can be used for many types of blogs. Your blog design will be ready in 30 to 45 minutes after you install this theme. For any new WordPress blog, this is a must-have plugin. 

2. Elegant Themes: A team of individuals from all around the world fuel Elegant Themes, which is based on the notion of community rather than merely operating as a corporation. There are a number of WordPress specialists from around the world who work together to offer website owners the best   WordPress themes and plugins at a reasonable cost.

HowTo Install Your WordPress Theme?

To upload and install the theme which you have selected, to your site follow the steps below:

  • Login to your WordPress login as discussed in the previous chapters.
  • Go to Appearance à Themes in your WordPress dashboard. Then Click on the button “Add New”
  • For free themes which are found at, search for the right theme and click Install.
  • For the themes downloaded as per the discussions in the previous chapter, click on Upload Theme and upload the zip file of the theme downloaded.
  • Finally, click on Activate to make it go live.

How Do You Customize Your Theme?

  •   After Activating the theme you had chosen for your site, it’s time to customize the things a little bit and make it look the way you want it to be and attractive to your audience as well.

      All the themes, nowadays carry a feature called Customizer, which you can use to perform the changes in the real-time and check the final results instantaneously. Once you are convinced with your final results, you can go ahead to Publish them.

    To access this Customizer, go to Appearance > Customize in your WordPress dashboard.


Feel free to explore the various options available in the Customizer to try the best appearance for your blog site. Do not worry about committing any mistakes. Remember, we still have not prepared or uploaded any important data to your site.

However, there are two important features which needs some special attention while playing around.

  • Widgets: This allows you to add some extra and amazing functionalities to the sidebar of your pages, like the latest posts, categories, or even Ads.
  • Menus: This allows you to customize the appearance of the pages to be visible to your audience for easy navigation.

In the next chapter, let us discuss about some very important Plugins needed to start your blog site.