Step 4: Installing the WordPress on your blog site

While using Bluehost, your blog will be automatically installed. Before writing your first blog article, you need to accomplish a few things. However, you can try with other recommended hosting service providers as well such as:

Cloudways    Hostgator    Hostwinds    Scala Hosting

A quick tour of the WordPress dashboard

Now you’re ready to start using your blog right away!

If you’re running a website, the WordPress dashboard is equivalent to a command center. As a result of this, you’ll find

  • Publish your articles on your blog
  • Choose the design of your blog
  • Improve your blog’s functionality
  • Your blog articles should be moderated for comments.
  • Along with several other crucial tasks!

Your dashboard is easy to find:

  • After your domain name, append /wp-admin to the end of the domain name (
  • Using the credentials you set up in the previous step with Bluehost, log in.

This is the screen you should see after logging in.


Here are some of the important areas that need to know:

  • A – Posts – Place we start to write posts or articles.
  • B – Pages – Place where you will create multiple pages for your website.
  • C – Appearance – Place where we change the looks and feel of our website by customizing as per our needs.
  • D – Plugins – Place where we install additional tools needed for our website.

Let us discuss some of these topics in the upcoming chapters.