Step 3: Selection of the Domain Name & Hosting Service

In addition to choosing a topic and blogging platform, we’ll also look at how to build a blog, starting with the following: Name of your domain.

There are two primary functions of your domain name:

  • As the name implies, it’s your blog’s permanent Internet address. From now on, anybody in the globe will be able to view your site simply by typing your domain name into their browser’s address bar and clicking “Go.“
  • It’s the brand of your blog. When picking your domain name, keep in mind that it will usually be the same as your blog’s name, making it a crucial branding choice.

How Do You Choose A Good Domain Name?

These are some simple guidelines to follow while selecting a good domain name for your blog:

  • It’s important to choose a name that’s related to your topic.
  • Make it easy to brand – You want people to remember your blog if it’s easy to brand.
  • It’s always better to go with the dot-com.
  • It should be easy to remember, type, and not too lengthy.
  • Try to avoid any hyphens or any special characters.

Checking The Availability Of The Domain Name

  Getting the desired Domain name is the trickiest part in the whole process of starting a blogging site. Each and every domain name is been owned by someone in the world at a time. So, in order to buy or get the desired Domain name, it is necessary to check if the domain name of your desire is “Available” or not.

  It can be a pretty tough job but there are many technologies readily available at your disposal to help you to find if the desired domain name is available or not.

  If you want to check if your domain name is available, you may use Bluehost’s domain suggestion page. Your blog’s title may be any term you choose, and the tool will also offer you a list of possible alternatives.

  A blog name generator might help if you keep coming across domain names that are no longer accessible. In essence, a blog name generator generates a list of suitable domain names that are assured to be accessible for purchase.

  Using these tools is as simple as typing in a word relevant to your topic and they will suggest you the right names.

Selection Of The Right Hosting Services

WordPress will be installed on a web server. On this server, all of your future blog photos, your blog design, and everything else will be kept (hosting). You will have a fully functional website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Buy the domain name you want when it’s available. You may register a domain name through your web server, however, I don’t suggest it for a few reasons:

  • If you have both the domain and web hosting at the same location, it provides a single point of failure for your website. This is a security risk.
  • Because of this, it’s more difficult to switch hosts, which you’ll want to do when your site grows in popularity.

The best part is that the hosting prices are getting cheaper and cheaper every day. Read our article about the comparison of some best Hosting services available in the market today.

Best WordPress Hosting Services In 2022

For your blog, there are a few options: Just because it has everything you need to build a blog, Bluehost is the best option. Features that include:

  • Easy To Use Control Panel
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Live Chat Support
  • 30 Days Money-back Guarantee

You can get all these best features, at only $2.95/month.

Click to check the availability of your desired DOMAIN NAME NOW

Click Here On  and Click on Get Started.


Select the BASIC Plan which should be sufficient to start with.


You will be diverted to the next page where you can claim your free Domain Name or transfer the one which you already have or skip this step if you still have not decided on your Domain name.


The next page will collect some acocunt information from you for the registration purposes. Fill the form with the details or simply “Sign in with Google”, if you have a Google account.


On the same page, review the Package Information and be sure that you have selected the right options and the package. Take a moment to look at the Package Extras to evaluate if you need them or not and decide accordingly.


Finally, enter the payment details, select the check box that you have read the terms and conditions, and click on Submit to complete your purchase.

  Following payment, Bluehost will also build your blog within the following ten minutes after it has been received. This will be done automatically, saving beginners a lot of time and effort.

  WordPress will be installed on your domain name once you have purchased hosting and domain name from Bluehost. As a result, your blog has been set up and you can now enjoy the wonderful stuff that every new blogger likes.