Step 1: Picking the Right Blog Topic or Niche

  Find out what you’re Inform your readers of what you know. As a new blogger, you’ll want to find a topic that you’re passionate about. This is a good start, but it’ In order for a blog to be successful, it is necessary to identify a “profitable” niche or topic.

  Discovering the correct niche is one of the most crucial aspects of creating a blog, yet it is This means that your blog will be overshadowed by websites with high authority if you choose a field that has It will be difficult for your blog to gain traction if you choose a field that has less Look for a middle-ground specialty that can be capitalized.

  Here are a few practical recommendations on how to select a profitable niche that can drive visitors to your website and eventually develop into a successful cash stream for your business.

Pick a topic that you are Passionate About.

It’s a lot of fun to start a blog. A thrilling experience is acquiring a domain name and setting up a website. Customizing the look and writing your first article is more exciting.

  Most people, however, stop up blogging after a few months since they lose interest in it after a while. In other words, it’s crucial to choose a blog topic that you enjoy learning about and talking about.

  It could be about a pastime, your job, or even a new car you’ve recently purchased. You do not need to be an expert on this subject. It simply has to be a topic that excites you when you talk about it.

How do you choose an intriguing topic for your blog?

Here’s a simple test to see if you can figure it out. Take a pen and a piece of paper with you. Write down 5 blog post topics that come to mind that you can write about. This activity should assist you to guarantee that you are enthusiastic about the topic you chose.

No Better Option Than Market Research

  The next stage is to ensure that your topic has a profitable and large enough market. This can be accomplished with a minimal amount of market research. Here’s how to get started.

  Assume that Cycling is one of your favorite activities and that you want to build a blog about it. Now you want to determine whether or not this issue has a large enough audience and how much competition it has.

Begin your search with Google Trends. Enter “Cycling” to see if this topic is of interest to you and how many people are looking for it.


  This stage is critical because the graph will show you whether interest in your issue is stable, increasing, or decreasing over time. Avoid topics that are losing popularity if you want to create a blog that will last a long time.As you can see, cycling appears to be an excellent topic for blogging. The interest in this topic has been consistent over the last five years, and it is continuing to rise. This implies that you will have a large enough readership to attract visitors to your site for many years to come.

Always Pick A Sub-Topic Or Sub-Niche

Let’s have a look at the competition for your topic. Search for your topic on Google and observe how many search results come up.


  Clearly, the topic “Cycling” appears to be too wide to target, and there are far too many websites contending for it. You should choose a smaller niche to avoid having to compete with large authority websites.

You’ll see some other relevant search terms if you scroll all the way down the Google search results page. Choose a search keyword and run a test to see how many people look for it per month.


Can Your Blog Topic Or Niche Be Monetized?

  If you want to generate money from your blog, you should make sure that your topic is profitable enough to monetize your blog and help you earn good money. To see if any brands or businesses are advertising for your keywords is a simple approach to test this. If individuals are spending money on AdWords to advertise things that are connected to your niche, you’ve chosen the proper topic.


As a starting point, here are a few tips:

  • If you can, choose a topic that you know more about than Everything counts, even if it isn’t what you’re doing for a living right. Try to think of a topic that you enjoy talking about and that you can talk about for hours on end without becoming bored.
  • It’s a good idea to choose a topic that you’re familiar Reading constantly about a particular subject piques your curiosity.
  • It’s also a good idea to make sure that you have a strong interest in a certain issue and that you can offer.

In order to start a blog, you need to decide on a topic that excites you. When your blog becomes online, you won’t have to worry about burning out. If you choose a topic that you enjoy talking about and writing about, you’ll never have burnout. Then, I’m going to presume that you’ve chosen a profitable niche for your site.

Conclusion- The first and most crucial step in beginning a new blog is choosing a niche.