How To Validate Your Blog Niche Idea?

How To Validate Your Blog Niche Idea

How To Validate Your Blog Niche Idea?

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It is always important to choose a topic for your Blog Post. If you have still not read our article about choosing the blog topic, read this article then. Before validating the options you have to begin your Blogging journey, it is even more important to decide whether you would like to start a blog with a Single Topic Or Multi Topics. Once you are been able to choose multiple topics to begin your blogging journey, it is always very important to validate your blogging niche/topic ideas.

It’s now time to double-check the list you drew out.

You should now have at least a few ideas for topics to write about. Then, to pick the greatest idea for your blog, you must validate those ideas. Finding your ideal niche requires a delicate balance of three factors:

  • How enthusiastic are you about the subject?
  • How enthusiastic are other individuals about the subject?
  • Is it possible to make money from this topic?

Consider this… if you…

  • Choose a topic about which you are interested and can generate money by selling things… You’ll never establish an audience or generate money if no one else is interested in it.
  • If you choose something that a lot of other people enjoy but that you don’t, you’ll have a hard time continuing to write blog entries in the future.
  • Choose a subject that you are passionate about and that has a large audience… However, if there are no money-making options, you may become well-known, but you will not be able to support yourself (this may be OK depending on your objectives!).

Will you enjoy blogging about this topic for a couple of years?

Honestly, the Internet is riddled with blogs where people start off strong, writing entries per week for the first month or two.


There is a drop-off. Eventually, it will be one post per month. Then it slows down even further… The year-long break between posts is followed by an update and a commitment to “post more frequently.”

So…before you decide on a specialty, you should do some soul-searching to see if you think you’ll be just as happy writing:

  • After the initial thrill of the beginning, a blog has worn off,
  • After a year’s time has passed,
  • After you’ve authored 100+ posts and are having trouble coming up with new post ideas.

But it’s not all terrible.

After the first euphoria of establishing a blog, there are two factors that will help you stay going:

  • When you start to experience some success, it becomes much simpler to be passionate about a topic.
  • If your internal engine runs out of steam, you can always hire other authors or welcome guest pieces.

Do you have enough Audience who are interested in reading the topic you have chosen or choosing?

So, how can you figure out if your blog niche has a readership?

The simplest way to get started is to use the free Google Trends tool. This allows you to rapidly view two critical data points:

  • Whether or whether people are looking for your topic.
  • Whether or not your niche is gaining or losing popularity.

Now you want to determine whether or not this issue has a large enough audience and how much competition it has.

Begin your search with Google Trends. Enter “Cycling” to see if this topic is of interest to you and how many people are looking for it.


This stage is critical because the graph will show you whether interest in your issue is stable, increasing, or decreasing over time. Avoid topics that are losing popularity if you want to create a blog that will last a long time. As you can see, cycling appears to be an excellent topic for blogging. The interest in this topic has been consistent over the last five years, and it is continuing to rise. This implies that you will have a large enough readership to attract visitors to your site for many years to come.

Is the niche topic selected, profitable for you? Can you make money from this topic?

It is now time to determine whether or not you can genuinely make money from your venture. If you’re creative, you can generate money from almost any specialty as long as you have an audience. As a result, this is likely the least important of the three questions.

Affiliate Marketing is a partnership in which you are compensated for recommending customers to products. Shareasale is a well-known affiliate marketing network, but you may also find niche-specific possibilities that can produce a substantial income.

Look up popular products or stores in your niche to try to find them. Then, search for “Store name + affiliate program.” If everything goes well, you should be able to identify some high-quality products to market and earn money from them.

Check to see whether you can make your own product. This strategy demands the most initial effort, but it can pay off handsomely if done well and with a huge audience.

In essence, you construct your own digital product, such as an eBook or an online course. Then you sell that product to your target market. If you can contribute value in any manner – whether by teaching or simply compiling information – this might be a terrific method to monetize a niche.

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